Money Management & why I'm so bad at it

"New year, new me."

I am so fed up of hearing that. You make your resolutions and by the end of February your effort begins to wane. If you’re in school you say, “arite man I gon go back to it at the end of the semester”-- or whatever fitting excuse you have to explain your lost focus.

I have been making one resolution over and over for the past four years straight, I will become better at managing my money. Well, if I tell yall how miserably I have failed at this (fortunately, I'm not very scared of failing and my rebound rate is pretty darn good). So with $345 to my name and debt that is more than 10 times that, I am intent on making this year the year I turn a profit.

I have done a ridiculous amount of research in regards to managing money, but it really isn’t something you can learn over night. It is one of those things where you learn from experience. A lot of people think that you are either good with money or bad with money, especially when it comes to women. Bad spending habits are learned behaviours.

Let's unlearn these horrid habits, spend less, save more and enrich our lives all at the same time!