Mentors: Why you need one today!

Over the past four years I have been exposed to countless new things; the fashion industry, entrepreneurship, and just a different lifestyle in general. Over this time I have met so many influential people--especially women--and I have watched them grow.

Through my internships and time at college I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by two amazing women. They have grounded me during both my school and work life, helped me through difficult decisions, imparted great wisdom onto me  from their experiences, and shared countless coffee's and glasses of wine over wonderful conversation.

Without these women I may have been lost.

Having a mentor gives you the chance to be heard, but also allows you to position yourself for success.

A mentor can be your motivator, tour guide through life, biggest fan, and most honest critic.

They are a person that understands what you are about, the goals you want to meet in life, but what may be most important, they have perfected the art of coming back after a fall.

Beyond being my mentors, these women have become my friends. My admiration of them runs deep, and the greatest gift they have given me is the impetus to be a mentor myself.

Researching this topic to film the video gave me the opportunity to speak to numerous people about their experiences with mentors. I have to thank three of my professors profusely for taking the time to make notes for me; Anna Cappuccitti, Judy Cameron, and Jennifer Dawson.

So on that note, what do you think? Do you have a mentor? Will you get one now?